To All GT Sprint and GT Challenge Competitors

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In the last few days there has been speculation in regards to a possible tire sponsorship, mainly due to a misleading publication and some inaccurate rumours. I take full responsibility for the publication.
At this point I would like put everyone at ease and tell you where we are in the process to secure a substantial sponsorship.
We are still in negotiation of what this sponsorship should look like and what the effects to you the competitor will be.
Be assured no GT Sprint or Challenge competitor will be forced to purchase a specific tire in order to participate in CASC-OR championships.
Once an agreement is in place, signed, and sealed, the details will be presented to you and we're confident that you will see value and want to participate - participation will be at the option of the individual competitor.
I cannot give you a timeline for that, like anything when money is involved it takes time and the more money the more time it takes. We can only say we are working to have all agreements in place as soon as possible.
I would like to ask you however to supply us with your current tire size and wheel size as well as the number of sets of tires you may purchase in a year so we can start a database to have a faster response to any potential tire manufacturer sponsor who is asking for that info.
Please send this info to office@casc.on.ca 
I would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation and hope that I can send you good news about a wonderful and exciting sponsorship deal soon.
Gunter Schmidt
President CASC-OR