Rules & Regulations

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Order of Precedence

The precedence of Regulations shall be as follows:

  1. CASC-OR General Competition Rules and (planned) Autoslalom Supplement
  2. Regulations of the CASC-OR Competition Committees (2010 Autoslalom Regulations)
  3. CASC-OR Bulletins.
  4. CASC-OR Series Regulations (if applicable).
  5. Event Supplementary Regulations.
  6. Instructions from Officials.

Event supplementary regulations must not contradict these rules and regulations.


Document Name Last Updated Size Format
2011 CASC-OR Autoslalom Series Registration Form 2013-10-13 205kB PDF
2011 CASC-OR Autoslalom Prep Point Schedule 2013-10-13 466kB PDF
2011 CASC-OR Autoslalom Series Safety Checklist 2013-10-13 180kB PDF
2011 CASC-OR Autoslalom Series Rulebook 2013-10-13 647kB PDF