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2017 Licencing Rules (94 days until we're back on track at CTMP)

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I encourage everyone to read Appendix E: Licences, Sections 1 through 3, as we've made a number of changes for 2017.
(Here's a link to the page on our website with the most current version of the rule book)
First, to encourage more people to come and try our events, we have broadened the types of competition licences we will accept.  The list now includes BMWCCA and PCA licences.  We have been accepting these licences on a "driver by driver" basis for the last couple of years, we're just bringing the rules in line with what we've been doing.
Second, you may have noticed that we've switched our Physician's Medical Examination form for 2017.  We are now using the same form as ASN Canada.  In addition, in years that you don't require a medical examination, there is a Medical Self-declaration Form to be submitted with your renewal.  For the last couple years we have been investigating altering the frequency of medical examinations.  We aren't there yet, but we're going to keep trying.  The Self-declaration forms are part of this process.
Third and most significantly, we've made changes to the Class B competition licence.  In prior years, you had to go and see the Stewards if you wanted to upgrade your licence to a Class A.  You didn't have to upgrade so quite a few drivers never bothered to.  In 2016 we had in excess of 50 drivers racing with a Class B.  We had about a dozen new drivers last year so that suggests there are 40+ drivers racing on Class Bs, or rookie licences.
Starting with the 2017 race season, Class B Probationary Drivers are required to:
     1) display "rookie" triangles on their cars so that the rest of us know who you are and can give you a little more room. 
     2) report to the event Instructor before going on track.  The Instructor will be available to mentor and observe new drivers all weekend
     3) report to the event Instructor at the end of the weekend for debriefing and signatures, the Stewards are no longer involved
The Regional Chief Instructor, or their designate, will decide when a driver is upgraded from a Class B to a Class A licence.  Until the upgrade, rules 1,2,and 3 above apply.
The Chief Instructor is reviewing the 40 or so Class B licence holders that have been licenced for more than a year to see which should be upgraded to a Class A immediately, and which need a bit more experience.  Don't be surprised if you have a Class B and you receive an e-mail or call from Ray Arlauskas.  He wants to talk to you about an upgrade...
A number of people have asked me why we've made these changes, why do we require licences at all?  Here's the short answer...
Licencing is not new.  The idea behind a licence is to ensure that everyone on track has the basic skills and knowledge to safely participate in road racing.  The fact that on occasion, persons fail to qualify for a licence is proof that not "everyone can race".  Having said that, licences are not meant to provide a barrier to stop people from participating.  That's why we have the Class B Probationary and the Class A Full Competition.  The triangles are on the cars are to let everyone on the track know that this is someone "new".  I'd like to see drivers drop by the "rookies" after a session to ask them how they did and to give them a few pointers.  Racing is a great sport, but it can be a bit overwhelming to a new driver.  The more welcome we make them feel the more likely they are to stick with it and bring their friends next time...  
With these changes, we're going to need qualified Instructors at the track. These will be experienced drivers that can observe, teach, and mentor new competitors.  If you'd like to be involved with this send me an e-mail so we can talk about it.
The next e-mail will be about Race Licencing Schools for 2017 - watch for it if you know someone that wants to attend a racing school this spring.
There are 94 days until the Spring Trophy Races at CTMP.  Is your car ready?  Don't leave it until the last minute...
See you at the track!