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2017 Race Licence Schools (80 days until we're back on track!)

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I am sending this note to the competitor community in the hopes that you will forward it to whomever you know that is "new" to racing and still needs to apply for a CASC-OR competition licence.
As you know, the most important element of the race licence application is the driver's on-track experience.  In the last couple of years, thanks to Ray Arlauskas, the Chief Regional Race Instructor, we've increased the number of licences that we are granting based on "observation", instead of attending a school.  The schools are still very important and may provide someone new to the sport with a quick way to accumulate on-track experience.
With that in mind, here are some links to CASC-OR accredited race schools - places new drivers can go in order to obtain the necessary on-track experience to qualify for a regional road racing licence:
Brack Driving Concepts -  Brack has generously stepped up to provide the same basic race driving school that CASC-OR used to provide and at the same cost.  Graduates of their three day course offered April 28-30 at Shannonville qualify for a Class B Probationary Competition licence.  Pass the school and come race with us May 13-14 at the Spring Trophy Races at CTMP. 
BMW Club Race School - Offered April 29-30 at CTMP, this school is not for the complete novice, but rather for persons with some on-track experience that are ready to try wheel to wheel racing.  Contact the club in advance to see if this is the right course for you.  It is an excellent course with experienced instructors and graduates may apply for a Class B Probationary licence.
Bridgestone Racing Academy -  A variety of courses are offered from a 3 day full racing course that qualifies graduates for a Class B Probationary licence, to shorter courses for people that may not have decided they need a race licence (yet).  Bridgestone has a fleet of formula cars to provide students with an excellent grounding in "race craft".  Novice to experienced drivers will love these courses.
That brings us back to CASC-OR and our own race school.  In a break with the past, for 2017, the CASC-OR Race School will be held on the Mosport Grand Prix Track at CTMP on May 12 as part of the test day before the Spring Trophy Races May 13-14.  To register for the school you must be pre-approved by Ray Arlauskas.  The course is designed to bring experienced drivers up to speed on racing safely.  It consists of a couple of hours of classroom instruction (including a written test), followed by on track sessions to expose the students to wheel to wheel action on a race course.  The course is to be taken in your race car so full driver safety equipment is required and your car must pass tech to be eligible (scrutineering will be available for the school).  Previous driving experience is a must as this course is not designed to teach you how to drive the car, rather how to race the car safely.  Car control is assumed.  To apply for this course send an e-mail to with your on-track driving resume.  Ray will get back to you to discuss the requirements more fully.
A copy of the 2017 competition licence application form can be found here
As I write this we have 80 days until we're back on track - is your car ready to go?  Before you know it the 2017 Regional Road Racing Schedule will begin...
See you at the track!