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2019 CASC-OR Road Racing Pre-Season Drivers Meeting

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Hi everyone. It's everyone's favorite Race Director. I hope you all have your cars ready for this year. I certainly don't... But I will. Time is clicking away... It's getting warm out there.
Just want to let everyone know that the date for the Race Division Pre-Season Drivers Meeting will be Saturday March 30th at Braidan Tire.
Braidan is at 
9399 Markham Rd.
Markham ON
L3P 3J3
Meeting starts at 10AM 
We will talk about the upcoming season and any changes that you should be aware of.
Also ...
I am going to strongly recommend that if you can, we need to get the numbers up for the test days at CTMP. The track is being extremely accommodating to us but if we don't start to use these test days, we may lose them. Myles is giving us the days for 900 bucks including HST, if you sign up for all 4 days before April 1st. That's 225 bucks a day for one of the worlds most spectacular tracks. You WON'T find that anywhere. I strongly urge everyone to take them up on this generous offer. As I said above, if we don't use them we may lose them. If we lose them we may never get them back. The form is on the CASC website.
And... for the GT Challenge series competitors...
Anyone who is committed to running this series, I need to hear from you. All I need is a yes. I don't need to hear from the no's. Once I know how many we have, we will communicate to you as a group through emails. Please respond with your name and car # and that you will be competing in Challenge.  If there aren't enough competitors to make Challenge work it may be decided to kill it. This may be the final year (or sooner) if we don't get the numbers. Let me know at 
This year registration will be open much earlier and schedules will be out much earlier. That's it for now. I'm looking forward to a great year. 
Oh, one more thing ... I know there was some confusion about the trophies from late last year. We finally have them all. They are at the CASC office. What I may do is just bring them all to the drivers meeting and hand them out there. This year end will be done differently I can assure you.
Thanks again for reading this to the end, which I know you all did.
Look forward to seeing you all.
Ray Arlauskas
CASC-OR Race Director