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CASC-OR Announces 2018 PIRELLI Tire GT Sprints and GT Challenge Championships

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New CASC-OR Race Director

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New Safety Procedure for RACE Division

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Following an incident that occurred at the BARC Canadian Touring Trophy Races at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Race Division is implementing an “new” safety procedure for competitors and officials.
Effective immediately, if a competitor is involved in an incident where their vehicle comes to a complete stop and is unable to continue the competitor must signal the nearest official if they feel they do NOT need emergency assistance.  For open wheeled cars and roadsters (cars with no roof) the competitor is to open their visor and try and establish direct eye contact with an official.  For closed wheeled cars with a roof the competitor is to lower their window net and try and establish direct eye contact.
If no signal is received within 30 seconds then the Clerk of the Course will dispatch emergency vehicles to the scene of the incident.  If emergency vehicles are dispatched the competitor must obtain a physician’s approval before returning to competition.
Many other racing series have similar rules in place.  The purpose of the rule is to make certain that emergency response is initiated quickly following any incident in which officials are unable to establish contact with the competitor.
The official bulletin can be found at this link.