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Special Invitation From CASC-OR For BEMC Indian Summer 3 Hour Enduro

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Many people are not aware that once a year, BEMC holds a 3 hour contest called the Indian Summer Enduro at one of the CASC-OR regional race events.  This year it is being held on Saturday, September 17 at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP) on the Mosport Grand Prix Track as part of the Indian Summer Trophy Races hosted by the British Empire Motor Club (BEMC).

The enduro format calls for teams of 1, 2 or 3 drivers sharing the car for the 3 hour race.  There is one mandatory pit stop of 2 minutes and specific safety rules regarding refueling (these can be found in Appendix U on page 74 at  Car prep is based on our GT Sprint rules, but it is possible for non-CASC drivers and cars to run this race.

The Regional Race Director (that’s me), has the ability to “invite” non-CASC licenced drivers and cars to run.  The criteria is pretty straight forward – you need to have previous competition experience, you need to demonstrate an understanding of our flagging and other “rules of the road”, and your car must pass technical inspection for whatever series you normally run with.  Safety is always our first concern, both for you and your fellow competitors.

Let’s look at an example:  you are part of a ChumpCar team that runs a late 80s sedan.  Your team has run a ChumpCar event at CTMP before safely, but you don’t have regional race licences.  Can you run?  The short answer is probably YES.  We’ll want to see each driver on the teams resume, including proof you’ve run CTMP safely before.  We’ll need to have a look at your car to see if it will pass ChumpCar tech.  If the drivers and car are good you will be eligible to run the enduro.

Registration is already open for this event at  - you should give it a look.

You might be thinking that because the series your car runs in normally has a treadwear rating and some of our cars will be running slicks that you can’t compete.  Not so.  If we have enough “invitational” entries we’ll set up a class with trophies for them to run in.

Think of this as another chance to track your car before the season ends.  If you are used to running 6, 7, 8 hour enduros then a 3 hour session might seem like a sprint.  How will your strategy and driving style change for such a short race?  How many refuels will you need?  Tires? 

If you are interested in running please contact me directly and we’ll see what we can do to make this happen.  We want you to try regional racing – we think if you do then this event might make a great addition to the series you normally run…  See you at the track!

Ted Michalos

CASC-OR Race Director